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<![CDATA[Kid Lit Zen fit for a king!]]>Fri, 28 Jul 2017 21:16:44 GMThttp://brianrock.net/blog/kid-lit-zen-fit-for-a-king“The world is so full of a number of things,
I ’m sure we should all be as
happy as kings.”

                                          Robert Louis Stevenson
                                         A Child’s Garden of Verses

We are indeed kings and queens. And our kingdoms are the sum of all the choices we’ve made in our lives. And yet, very few of us are “happy as kings.” We often feel like happiness is just out of reach. If only we had a better job, then we’d be happy. If only we had a spouse, or a nicer home, or… And yet when we do get these things the newness wears off and we start the cycle again. If only I had… But possessions, jobs, even relationships come and go. The only thing that is truly ours is our own soul. So be mindful of it. Be good to it. Take time to nourish your soul. Take time to notice the blessings in your kingdom. When you stop worrying about the “next thing,” and can be at peace with yourself; then you can begin to enjoy the many miracles of God’s creation. And once you begin to notice these many blessings, you will be as “happy as kings.”

<![CDATA[Exciting News!]]>Fri, 21 Jul 2017 21:16:20 GMThttp://brianrock.net/blog/exciting-newsMy new chapter book series, THE TYLER FILES,
is coming out in September!
​Readers of this blog can participate as beta readers!
​From now through August 18th, you can go to
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<![CDATA[KidLitZen from your friendly neighborhood spiderweb]]>Fri, 14 Jul 2017 18:41:09 GMThttp://brianrock.net/blog/kidlitzen-from-your-friendly-neighborhood-spiderweb"‘What's
about a spider's web?’
said Mrs. Arable…
‘Ever try to spin one?’
asked Dr. Dorian.”
                         E.B. White
                                Charlotte’s Web
There are those who say, “There’s no such thing as miracles.”

When miracles do occur, they call them ‘mass psychosis’ or ‘spontaneous remissions’ or ‘anomalies.’
But labeling something isn’t the same as understanding it. In fact, it quite often has the opposite effect. Once we place a label on something, we cease to look any further.
It’s just a spider’s web.
But of all the creatures on earth, only spiders make webs –why?
How does the spider know to make the radial threads non-sticky and the circular threads sticky?
How did spiders evolve so differently from other animals?
If all animals evolved from one single celled organism, how did that first one come to life?
The fact that there is life at all is itself a miracle. And the unique expressions of life in billions of forms, from individual finger prints to individual spider webs, is also miraculous – if you are willing to look a little further.

<![CDATA[KidLitZen from Roald Dahl]]>Fri, 07 Jul 2017 22:08:15 GMThttp://brianrock.net/blog/kidlitzen-from-roald-dahl“Those who don't
in magic will never find it.”
                                      Roald Dahl
                                       The Minpins
Subatomic physicists don’t know if light is a particle or a wave. It has properties of both.
The problem is, when they test light for particle traits, they can’t detect the wave traits. And when they try to test for wave traits, they can no longer identify the particle traits.
In other words, they can only ever find what they expect to find with their tests.
So it is with life.
For every great invention, there were hundreds of people who said it couldn’t be done. In 1900, most people didn’t believe that human flight was possible. So most people didn’t invent the airplane. And yet the airplane is with us today.
It only takes one person to believe in something to make it real. You may have to work at it, but you can make the impossible a reality.
Magic is real.
It lives in us all.
You just have to believe.

<![CDATA[A Little KID LIT ZEN From The Little Prince]]>Fri, 30 Jun 2017 17:53:26 GMThttp://brianrock.net/blog/a-little-kid-lit-zen-from-the-little-prince“Grown-ups never understand anything
by themselves, and it is
for children to be always and forever explaining things to them.”
                                       Antoine de Saint-Exupery
                      The Little Prince

Robert Fulgham famously wrote, “Everything I need to know, I learned in kindergarten.”

And there is great truth to that.

Take turns. Share. Wash your hands. Don’t eat stuff off the sidewalk.

Those are all valuable lessons, and still relevant after all these years.

But the most important thing that kids know, is how to see the world with eyes of wonder.

To a child, a quartz geode is a treasure. It’s hidden in the earth. It has beautiful color. It sparkles in the sunlight.
But to an adult, it’s just a piece of rock.

A diamond, on the other hand, will cause adults to pay large sums of money or even cheat or steal to obtain it.

Why? Because it’s hidden in the earth, it has beautiful color, and it sparkles in the sunlight?

No. Because someone else tells them it’s worth a lot of money.

So adults become cynics who know the cost of everything but the value of nothing.

And children must forever remind them to stop and enjoy the sunset or the passing ducklings or a simple moment snuggled on the couch.

<![CDATA[Kid Lit Zen and technical difficulties]]>Fri, 23 Jun 2017 16:07:20 GMThttp://brianrock.net/blog/kid-lit-zen-and-technical-difficultiesAfter a period of prolonged technical difficulties, culminating in the untimely demise of my computer; here again is your weekly Kid Lit Zen...

Just because we don’t
 doesn’t mean the explanation doesn’t exist.”
                                Madeline L’Engle
      A Wrinkle In Time

It’s funny that some people who think they are the smartest can be the most foolish. They reach the limits of their understanding and then they decree that nothing can exist beyond it.
They say that God can’t be observed in a laboratory, God can’t be measured and quantified; therefore God doesn’t exist. But God cannot be contained in a beaker, yet there is nothing you can put in a beaker that doesn’t contain God.
Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and all the scientific geniuses of the past understood that God was present in their science. And it was that understanding and faith that helped them move past the limits of their own knowing and shine new light into the unknown.
Only people who understand that they don’t understand everything can continue to grow mentally and spiritually. Knowing our limitations is the first step to overcoming them, and therefore the first step to enlightenment.
You can not think your way to God. Bu there is another way of understanding. By opening your heart, you may discover secrets that are hidden from even the greatest of minds.

<![CDATA[Kid Lit Zen from Goldilocks and her...  Dinosaur Friends]]>Fri, 02 Jun 2017 21:03:46 GMThttp://brianrock.net/blog/kid-lit-zen-from-goldilocks-and-her-dinosaur-friendsIf you ever find yourself in the
wrong story,

                                              Mo Willems
                                              Goldilocks & The 
                                              Three Dinosaurs

So often we find ourselves in circumstances that are not to our liking.

“I hate my job.”

“My boyfriend doesn’t appreciate me.”

“That big lizard ate my donut!”

But if we stop to analyze the situation, we will realize that we have created our own situations.

Maybe we should have studied more in school.

Maybe we should spend as much time listening to others as we do talking to them.

Maybe we shouldn’t carry sugary sweets into the reptile room of the zoo.

But the good news is, since we created our unpleasant conditions, we can also create pleasant conditions as well.

Think about the outcome you want. Imagine what it feels like to be there. Consider the steps it takes to reach that goal. Then take those steps… into the story you want to live.

<![CDATA[Kid Lit Zen from Captain Underpants]]>Fri, 26 May 2017 15:36:35 GMThttp://brianrock.net/blog/kid-lit-zen-from-captain-underpantsIn a harmonic convergence of the current political climate and next week's movie premier, this week's KidLitZen comes from Captain Underpants...

“It's fun to feel
 isn't it?”

Dav Pilkey
Captain Underpants and the Revolting Revenge of the Radioactive Robo-Boxers

It is fun to feel offended. When someone says or does something that offends us, we feel so… superior. And that makes us feel good about ourselves, without actually having to do anything.

“I’m offended that you don’t act like me.”

“I’m offended that you don’t think like me.”

“I’m offended that you’re not offended at the thing I’m offended at!”

These are just different ways of saying, “I’m better than you.” Being offended is your ego tricking you into thinking you’re more important than someone else.

We are all equal in the eyes of God. We’re all trying to find our way. And we all make mistakes along the way.

You never know the path another soul has travelled. You never know how their future path will unfold.

So if you disagree with someone, try to feel some compassion for them. "Walk a mile in their shoes." Try to understand how they arrived at their position. Try to find the common humanity between you.

Then, and only then, can you move toward reconciliation. And that is even more fun than being offended.